Unable to import invoices from CSV file
Problem reported by Martin Roth - October 26, 2015 at 10:30 AM

We are having problems importing invoices. We are getting an error when trying to import an invoice batch from CSV.  In the map,  we are populating the customer and job with 2 columns using the  =[ClientName] & ":" & [OrderName]  formula.  The line it is stopping on is the first customer with data in the Ordername field.  It will not import a line where the ORDERNAME column has data.  We are using Quickbooks Enterprise v15 and V6 of Transaction Pro Importer.


We are starting TPI  with the following .  C:\Program Files (x86)\01 Transaction Pro Importer 6.0\Transaction Pro Importer 6.0.exe" /CUSTOMER_FILL_CHILD   




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