Journal Entry Imports: How do I tell Transaction Pro Importer to add a new name (customer, vendor, employee or other) if the name does not exist in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) > Transaction Pro Importer
Often times users specify a name in their import file when importing journal entries to QuickBooks using Transaction Pro Importer (TPI).  TPI does not create new names by default when importing journal entries because there are four different lists and we do not know what list that you would like this name to added to.

However, if you enable the /JE_NAME command line parameter you can tell TPI which list you would like new names to be added to.

Below are instructions on how to add this command line parameter.
1. Right click on the Windows START button on the lower left of your desktop and left click OPEN
2. Double click Programs folder. Double Click the 01 Transaction Pro Importer 5.0 folder.
3. You will see a shortcut named “Transaction Pro Importer 5.0”. Make a copy of this folder by clicking Edit/Copy then Edit/Paste.
4. Bring up the properties for this new program shortcut (right click on the shortcut and choose properties)
5. Edit the target from this:
"C:\Program Files\01 Transaction Pro Importer 5.0\Transaction Pro Importer 5.0.exe"
to this:
"C:\Program Files\01 Transaction Pro Importer 5.0\Transaction Pro Importer 5.0.exe" /JE_NAME
This command line adds additional fields to specify the entity type in the Journal Entry “Name” column. In “JE Name Type” specify C for Customer, V for Vendor, E for Employee, O for Other Name.  If you would like all new names to be added as the same list type just type the correct letter in the static value/formula column.

You can review our article on how to set this and other command line parameters here.

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