Import Amazon Orders to QuickBooks using Transaction Pro Importer

QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) > Transaction Pro Importer
If you are using Amazon's Professional Selling Plan you can easily import your orders to QuickBooks using Transaction Pro Importer ("TPI").

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Step 1:  Download a txt file that contains the orders that you want to import to QuickBooks.

Step 2:  Start QuickBooks, then TPI and select options and select the e-commerce tab an enable the options highlighted below.

Step 3:  Select the next button until you get to the TPI mapping screen.  Download and extract this file to your computer.  Then select the load map button and navigate to where this file is located.

Step 4:  Continue to go through the wizard and be sure to properly complete the accounts and items on your e-commerce fields before you start the import.


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