Concur Imports to QuickBooks

QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) > Transaction Pro Importer
If you are a Concur Professional Expense client you can download a CSV file from Concur but you need to configure the CSV file in Concur first as indicated below.
For Concur Professional Expense Customers the following selections should be made in the File Export Configuration Tool:
  1. Select:  Descriptive Column Labels
  2. Set the Delimiter to comma
  3. Set the file extension to csv
  4. In the order detail fields users should only select those columns that have data that they wish to be populated in QuickBooks
If you are a Concur Professional Invoice client and you download an SAE file from Concur below are some instructions to get you started.
  1. Download the Data Dictionary for Transaction Pro Importer and add a column called Import File Column.  You can download this file here.
  2. Populate the Import file Column in the file from step 1 with the field number from row 1 from the SAE file that you obtain from the Concur application.  Please note you can map multiple Concur fields to one QuickBooks field.  At a minimum you will need to do this for the name as Concur has the first and last name in two separate  columns.  You can also combine multiple Concur fields into the QuickBooks memo fields.  Read how to use formulas on our blog.
  3. On the first screen of TPI after you browse for the txt file that you have downloaded from Concur make the following selections:  (a)  Select a field delimiter of pipe and (b) select the proper import type from the dropdown.  Select next. 
  4. On the file contents screen do the following:  (a)  Uncheck the box next the file has field names in first row (b)  Highlight record #1 on the upper left and (c) select the button and the bottom right Delete Selected Rows.  Select Next.
  5. Then you will need to complete the mapping which is retained for future imports.  Read more on our blog.
We have several detailed articles on our blog that you can review as well.  We have provided links below.

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