Check or Bill Imports: Required Parameter line is missing in the request.

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If you are importing checks or bills make sure that you have data mapped to either of the two scenarios:

ExpenseAccount and ExpenseAmount
Notes:  If using accounts make sure that if using sub accounts they already exist in QBO pre-import.  Also make sure the accounts are properly formatted read more in this knowledge base article.

Products or Services:
LineItem and LineAmount


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How do you define a category for the product or service? Once I use lineitem and lineamount to import, QBO shows category as uncategorized expense after import if the line item/product category is missing in QB. I have a specific expense categories below to tag the payment. I tried in class but I guess that's not correct.

60001 · Vendor Payments
60002 · Independent Contractor Payments

Products or Services:
LineItem and LineAmount

Anoop K (December 28, 2016 at 8:20 PM)
If the product or service already exists in QuickBooks Online then Transaction Pro will use the existing categories on that product or service.

If the product or services is new that QBO company then Transaction Pro will use the account, uncategories expense or revenue. Perhaps you could use our tool to import the rpoducts and services prior to importing your transactions?

Karen Magno (January 17, 2017 at 11:44 AM)

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