Concur Invoice Imports to QuickBooks Online

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Concur Invoice is a service offered by Concur that will automate your payables function.  You can easily import the transactions from Concur Invoice to QuickBooks Online as bills. If you would like to run a test with a sample bill you can download a sample file here.

You first need to go to the Transaction Pro Importer website and sign in.  After uploading the file that contains the details of the bills you will select an import type of bills and create a mapping.  Below is a screen shot of a suggested mapping which you can start with.  You may need to modify this mapping is you are using products or services or the class field for instance.

This particular import file uses account numbers so be sure to select the options button within Transaction Pro Importer and select the option to enable account numbers.

After import your resulting bill in QuickBooks Online will look like the screen shot below.

We also have a detailed article on all the fields available within our App.

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