Transaction Pro Importer Version 5.019 for QuickBooks Released

QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) > Transaction Pro Importer
The latest version of Transaction Pro Importer 5.0 (Version 5.019) is now available to all Version 5 Users at no additional cost.  To obtain this update on the bottom left hand corner of the first screen of Transaction Pro Importer and then select the Check for Updates Button.  You can read more on how to obtain free updates on our blog.
Details of what is in this latest release is below:
  • When importing a credit card statement, the payee was not showing in the register for a credit card credit.
  • Fix issue with UOM where abbreviation was not being accepted for Default Units. User should specify full name and not abbrev. for these cases.
  • Fix issue on item receipt where using item assemblies were not setting the site.
  • When importing a credit card statement, setting the Billable Entity caused an error - Object variable or With block variable not set.
  • When importing a credit memo with the ecommerce options set, the last transaction was not having the ecommerce fields added to the transaction.
  • Journal entries are now prevalidated for missing accounts.
  • Price Levels Custom Price changed to string datatype within DLL due to extra decimals occuring.
  • Payee alias feature changes so that any accounts that are filled in are not overwritten when loading the payee alias file.
  • Add support for Shipping address on Estimates. QuickBooks 2008 or later required.
  • Added Tax Code Purchase to item list import for non US versions.

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