How to Import a Trial Balance to QuickBooks

QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) > Transaction Pro Importer
If you wish to import a trial balance to QuickBooks we would suggest that you use the import type journal entry.Read more on our blog.
Two things to consider which are QuickBooks limitations.
  1. You can only have one Accounts Receivable (AR) OR one Accounts Payable (AP) account per a single journal entry.  A workaround for these type of accounts on the trial balance is to modify the accounts on these lines so it posts to a transfer or inter-company account.  Then add additional journal entries with two lines each to move the amounts out of the transfer/inter-company account to the correct AR or AP account.
  2. If you have a line in your import file that posts to an AR or an AP account make sure that this line has a name on that line and that this name already exists in your QuickBooks company file.

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