Uncategorized Income or Expense for Sales or Purchase transactions in QuickBooks Online using the Intuit App Center

QuickBooks Online > Intuit App Center - Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks Online
On your transaction imports into QuickBooks Online if the value mapped to the QuickBooks field, Line Item, already exists in your QuickBooks Online company file then Transaction Pro Importer ("TPI") will use that item and its underlying account.

If the item does not exist in QuickBooks TPI will create a new item that uses the account, Uncategorized Income (or Uncategorized Expense).

So to ensure that the transactions go to the proper accounts be sure you have set up the items in your Products and Services List in QuickBooks Online. 

Also if you are using sub-items be sure to include both the item and the sub-item separate by a colon (Item:sub-item) in your import file.

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