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If you are importing journal entries with Transaction Pro Importer ("TPI")  5.019 or later and you are using account names and you are receiving an error message that the account cannot be found after selecting the Next button on the mapping screen please read the resolution below.
If you have account names in your import file and are importing journal entries prior to starting TPI go into QuickBooks preferences and in the Accounting section turn off account numbers.  TPI checks to see if this preference is checked prior to import and if this option is selected will look for a match in the account number field only.


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I was receiving this error so I correct. When I selected import it said I had errors and all data was highlighted yellow and I was unable to import. How do I correct this?
Alicia Hanson (March 25 at 12:00 PM)
This knowledge base article is for QuickBooks Desktop. I believe you are using QuickBooks Online. In your import file include the entire account name including subaccounts eg Account:SubAccount OR the lowest sub account number and then turn on the Transaction Pro Importer option: Enable Account numbers.
Karen Magno (March 26 at 9:24 AM)

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