Journal Entry Import Errors: Invalid Number or Invalid Account Specified

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When importing journal entries to QuickBooks Online the value that you have mapped to the QuickBooks field, Account, needs to exist in your QuickBooks Online chart of accounts pre-import as Transaction Pro Importer ("TPI") will not create new accounts for you.
Your import file should contain either one of the following and not both:
  1. The lowest sub-account number (and you need to turn on the TPI option, Enable Account Numbers (see below).
  2. The name of the account.  If using sub accounts include both the account and sub account and separate by a colon (eg Account:Sub Account)
So for the screen shot below your import file should contain either one of he following below.
  1. 1002
  2. Cash:Cash on hand
If using account numbers you need to select the option to enable account numbers and you can find these options below.
Legacy App - after creating the map scroll down to the bottom of the web page and the options button is to the left of the Import button.
New App - On the Preview and Import page look to the right for the COG wheel.
Any questions please let us know.

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