Release Notes Transaction Pro Importer 6.0 for QuickBooks

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New updates to the Transaction Pro Importer 5.0 for QuickBooks product are typically made available every one to two months.  These free updates can be obtained by selecting the About and Check for Updates buttons within the product.

Below is a summary of functionality, fields or transactions added to the Transaction Pro Importer by date.  For a full list of all updates and bug fixes please review this article.
Version 6.0.09 01/22/2018
Fixed issue with BillTo Note and ShipTo Note not populating when creating a new customer on sales transactions
Added Serial/Lot Number on Inventory Adjustment import type
Added Max to Item List import type (Item Inventory)
Added Is Tax Included to non US Item List import
Fixed issue with Inventory Assembly when item had parent:child.
Fixed Inventory Adjustment Invalid Property Array index. Caused by Intuit changing Preference output on using serial lot numbers to None from empty string.
Version 6.0.08 05/18/2017
Added new command line /RECINTEGER. When enabled it changes the Receive Payment import to search first by customer and then find the matching invoice. This is a workaround for the QBSDK integer limitation and should only be used if you are having trouble due to large integer limitations (invoice numbers greater than 2147483647) not finding the matching invoice.
Version 6.0.07 03/29/2017
Added new command line /ITEMNON_USE_INCOME_ACCT. When enabled it will allow item non inventory on settings screen to allow both Account and Income Account.
Fixed issue with updating Vendor List import 1099 field not setting value to unchecked.
Added Amazon date support to Service Date and Ship Date fields
Updated DLL to reference MSXML 6.0.
Version 6.0.06 12/28/2016
Fixed issue with setting Serial/Lot Number field on a check import
Fixed issue With UK users that have VAT turned off. An error was occurring (You cannot set taxable if VAT is turned off as the item is not a taxable item type) when attempting to save an invoice if the item still had a VAT code imbedded in its setup.
Fixed issue when running /AUTORUN with no import data, TPI was returning false error messages and it failed to close properly (process left running). This left it in a state where QuickBooks could not be normally closed.
Version 6.0.05 06/01/2016
Changed internal DLL to point to MSXML4 installer on download site. Some users were missing MSXML4.DLL and previous build was directing them to MSXML6 installer.
Version 6.0.04 05/05/2016
Fixed issue with setting item settings on last screen via command line
Fixed issue with setting inventory adjustment new qty to zero on modify.
Fixed issue with setting Due Date on Purchase Order.
Fixed issue with validating journal entry accounts when using account numbers and a colon was specified as part of the number.
Added support to /AUTORUN for the following import types: Bank Statement, Credit Card Statement, Transfer, Transfer Inventory.
Changed DLL from MSXML4 to MSXML6
Modified code in invoice class of dll so it wouldn't generate a type mismatch error on a corrupted CA file that had an imbedded default Sales Tax item that was changed to another item type.
For Item Sales Tax imports the tax rate now supports 5 decimal points.
Fixed issue when calling the /AUTORUN with the /HIDE option not closing the process when finished.
Version 6.0.03 11/17/2015
Fixed issue with Inventory Adjustment import setting Bin using Adj Qty.
Fixed issue with Alias file not loading when saved with TPI 5.0.
Version 6.0.02 9/22/2015
Fixed issue with Inventory Adjustment import setting Bin.
Added support for Bin on Inventory Transfers
Changed Quantity data type to double from single
Added new command line /CUSTOMER_FILL_CHILD. When set and a new job is created under an existing customer, the Bill To, Ship To and other customer information is carried down to the new job. Note the "Do not update addresses.." option must be enabled for this command line to work properly.
Fixed issue in Windows 10 where /AUTORUN was reporting a crash when TPI finished. Also was causing a crash when user clicked the closing x in the upper right corner of the window.
Version 6.0.01 8/11/2015
Fixed issue with Customer Query in Enterprise 15. Error 14626 Invalid Procedure Call or Argument error #5
Version 6.0.00 8/1/2015
Initial Release

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