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Bento for Business provides prepaid Mastercard® linked to its secure online platform, making it easy to budget, control and track employee expenses. Bento users can export transactions into Excel with just a few clicks. If you have QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier or Enterprise), you can use our Transaction Pro Importer to import your Bento transactions to your bank account.
Below are some steps to follow to ensure that you get the data into QuickBooks in the most efficient manner.
Step 1: Download a csv file containing your transactions from your Bento for Business account.
Step 2: With your QuickBooks desktop company file open browse for the csv file, select a field delimiter of comma and then select an import type of Bank Statement. Then select next. You can also take a look at our blog post on importing of bank statements here.
Step 3: On the second screen, the File Contents Screen, make sure you have the box selected next to: File has Field Names in First Row. Then select the next button.
Step 4: Complete the mapping by putting your cursor in the middle column and select the appropriate column header. A suggested mapping is below. Then select the Next button.
You will receive the error below. Just select OK to bypass this error.
Step 5: Create your Payee Aliases. Select the Payee Alias Button at the bottom then follow the instructions in this article. Payee Aliases is a feature that allows you to set up rules to assign transactions with certain keywords to a specified payee and account. 
Step 6: Select an item type and accounts to be used on a new items in QuickBooks. Although your import file does not contain any items this is used for imports that have items on them as you could map your transactions to items if you wished. It does not matter what you select as Transaction Pro will not be creating new items on bank statement imports as you will be using expense accounts. Select the Finish button to start the import.
Once the import is complete you will receive a transaction log that is a record of all the transactions that have been imported. You can contact us via email at with any questions. You can also review all your support options here.

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