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Below are the release notes for all currently supported versions of Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks Desktop. You can obtain the latest releases by selecting the About and Check for updates buttons within the product. Please note there will be no more additional release to versions 5 and 6.
Transaction Pro Importer 7.0
Version 7.0.03    3/29/2018
Fixed issue where Enterprise users were not able to import inventory assemblies if bar code was not enabled.
Fixed issue where modifying an inventory item list caused an error related to the Max field.
Version 7.0.02    3/2/2018
Updated fields.tpi file with new fields added in v7 plus some missing fields
Added ability to set the font size on the Grid Zoom.
Fixed issue where Vendor Type as not updating an existing vendor on a Vendor List import.
Fixed issue where Enterprise users were not able to import inventory items on item list import. Caused by adding new feature for Barcodes and not filtering the XML Insert/Modify for barcode enabled QuickBooks companies
Version 7.0.01    1/22/2018
Fixed Inventory Adjustment Invalid Property Array index Line 19410. Caused by Intuit changing Preference output on using serial lot numbers to None from empty string.
Version 7.0.00 1/21/2018
Initial Release
Transaction Pro Importer 6.0
Version 6.0.09 01/22/2018
Fixed issue with BillTo Note and ShipTo Note not populating when creating a new customer on sales transactions
Added Serial/Lot Number on Inventory Adjustment import type
Added Max to Item List import type (Item Inventory)
Added Is Tax Included to non US Item List import
Fixed issue with Inventory Assembly when item had parent:child.
Fixed Inventory Adjustment Invalid Property Array index. Caused by Intuit changing Preference output on using serial lot numbers to None from empty string.
Version 6.0.08 05/18/2017
Added new command line /RECINTEGER. When enabled it changes the Receive Payment import to search first by customer and then find the matching invoice. This is a workaround for the QBSDK integer limitation and should only be used if you are having trouble due to large integer limitations (invoice numbers greater than 2147483647) not finding the matching invoice.
Version 6.0.07 03/29/2017
Added new command line /ITEMNON_USE_INCOME_ACCT. When enabled it will allow item non inventory on settings screen to allow both Account and Income Account.
Fixed issue with updating Vendor List import 1099 field not setting value to unchecked.
Added Amazon date support to Service Date and Ship Date fields
Updated DLL to reference MSXML 6.0.
Version 6.0.06 12/28/2016
Fixed issue with setting Serial/Lot Number field on a check import
Fixed issue With UK users that have VAT turned off. An error was occurring (You cannot set taxable if VAT is turned off as the item is not a taxable item type) when attempting to save an invoice if the item still had a VAT code imbedded in its setup.
Fixed issue when running /AUTORUN with no import data, TPI was returning false error messages and it failed to close properly (process left running). This left it in a state where QuickBooks could not be normally closed.
Version 6.0.05 06/01/2016
Changed internal DLL to point to MSXML4 installer on download site. Some users were missing MSXML4.DLL and previous build was directing them to MSXML6 installer.
Version 6.0.04 05/05/2016
Fixed issue with setting item settings on last screen via command line
Fixed issue with setting inventory adjustment new qty to zero on modify.
Fixed issue with setting Due Date on Purchase Order.
Fixed issue with validating journal entry accounts when using account numbers and a colon was specified as part of the number.
Added support to /AUTORUN for the following import types: Bank Statement, Credit Card Statement, Transfer, Transfer Inventory.
Changed DLL from MSXML4 to MSXML6
Modified code in invoice class of dll so it wouldn't generate a type mismatch error on a corrupted CA file that had an imbedded default Sales Tax item that was changed to another item type.
For Item Sales Tax imports the tax rate now supports 5 decimal points.
Fixed issue when calling the /AUTORUN with the /HIDE option not closing the process when finished.
Version 6.0.03 11/17/2015
Fixed issue with Inventory Adjustment import setting Bin using Adj Qty.
Fixed issue with Alias file not loading when saved with TPI 5.0.
Version 6.0.02 9/22/2015
Fixed issue with Inventory Adjustment import setting Bin.
Added support for Bin on Inventory Transfers
Changed Quantity data type to double from single
Added new command line /CUSTOMER_FILL_CHILD. When set and a new job is created under an existing customer, the Bill To, Ship To and other customer information is carried down to the new job. Note the "Do not update addresses.." option must be enabled for this command line to work properly.
Fixed issue in Windows 10 where /AUTORUN was reporting a crash when TPI finished. Also was causing a crash when user clicked the closing x in the upper right corner of the window.
Version 6.0.01 8/11/2015
Fixed issue with Customer Query in Enterprise 15. Error 14626 Invalid Procedure Call or Argument error #5
Version 6.0.00 8/1/2015
Initial Release
Transaction Pro Importer 5.0
Version 5.019 6/7/15
When importing a credit card statement, the payee was not showing in the register for a credit card credit.
Fix issue with UOM where abbreviation was not being accepted for Default Units. User should specify full name and not abbrev. for these cases.
Fix issue on item receipt where using item assemblies were not setting the site.
When importing a credit card statement, setting the Billable Entity caused an error - Object variable or With block variable not set.
When importing a credit memo with the ecommerce options set, the last transaction was not having the ecommerce fields added to the transaction.
Journal entries are now prevalidated for missing accounts.
Price Levels Custom Price changed to string datatype within DLL due to extra decimals occuring.
Payee alias feature changes so that any accounts that are filled in are not overwritten when loading the payee alias file.
Add support for Shipping address on Estimates. QuickBooks 2008 or later required.
Added Tax Code Purchase to item list import for non US versions.
Version 5.018 6/12/14
Fixed that TPI was not including OtherIncome and OtherExpense account types when loading. This was causing the false error "Could not load chart of accounts" if no accounts of Income or Expense existed in the QB file.
Credit Card Statement Import. Billable and Billable Entity fields were not being set on credit card charge.
Added command line /NO_COA for bypassing loading chart of accounts on files with massive chart of accounts > 5000.
Added field Amounts In Home Currency for multi-currency Journal entry.
Fixed issue in setting do not add employees option
Fixed option Bill Column Row not saving
Fixed vendor prefill first account being cleared on purchase transaction
Bill Payment Payment Method can be set to Credit. Previously you needed the words "Credit Card" to do a bill payment via a credit card or an error would result.
Version 5.017     1/9/2014
Fixed bug in Check import when enabling /USE_AMOUNT - invalid property array index.
Added Sales Tax Code to Item Receipt for non US versions.
Fixed bug where employee earning types were not being returned for employee list updates.
Version 5.016     7/26/2013
Fixed bug in UK versions caused by adding new fields in 5.013. Program was generating error WriteVendor - invalid procedure call or argument Error #5 when attempting to create vendors.
Fixed issue where Price level list import was returning this key is associated with an element of this collection for some QuickBooks files.
Fixed issue GetAccountFieldFromArray, subscript out of range occurs when attempting to import a sales transaction when the Account Cross Reference advanced option is checked.
Fixed bug in Employee List where SSN could not be set.
Fixed bug where in multi-currency installs of QuickBooks and both the customer and job was not created the newly created customer and job was being created in the home currency and the currency field was being ignored.
Vendor Credit - changed logic to group by both Vendor and RefNumber. A change in either value starts a new transaction.
Added Transfer import type (QuickBooks 2013 or later)
Added Transfer Inventory import type (QuickBooks Enterprise 11 or later)
Added custom fields to Invoice Link Sales Order import type.
Added COGS Accounts to Item Settings Account dropdown list.
Version 5.015     6/20/2013
Vendor List Import - QuickBooks 2008 and earlier users were getting 'Object variable or With block variable not set' error message.
Bank Statement - Added Billable and Billable Entity fields
Added Credit Card Statement Import Type
Version 5.014     6/7/2013
On employee list import, SSN number field is now updated.
On Receive Payment using the /RECPAY_AUTOAPPLY, the Auto Apply field was not working properly.
Added Addr Line5 to Customer list import when command line /ADDR_LINE5 is set
Disable checkbox for auto assigning transactions that do not support that feature. Example, bills, credit card charges.
Fixed log file which was not handling Bill and Check transaction correctly when the user data contained the same RefNumber for each row but different Vendor/Payee.
Version 5.013     4/15/2013
Allow zero dollar invoices to be imported
Added cross reference functionality to vendor list and customer list imports
Added new fields to vendor list for non US versions: Is Tax Tracked on Purchases, Is Tax Tracked on Sales, Is Sales Tax Agency, Tax On Purchases Account, Tax On Sales Account, Tax Registration Number.
With 2012/2013 QB installations the due date was calculating based on the system date, not the transaction date.
Version 5.012     3/21/2013
Added Vendor List Account Prefill field
Added Vendor List Billing Rate field
Fix Estimate error when setting Subtotal item
Fix date driven terms calculation issue on sales transactions
Command line /ADDR_LINE5 - adds Address Line 5 to most transactions with Bill To Note and Ship to Note or Address Note.
Fix Bank Statement error handler. Returning incorrect invalid property array index instead of the error message back from QBSDK.
Version 5.011     1/15/2013
Fix issue where creating an estimate with a discount item was causing an error
Disable Customer and Vendor Cross reference option when importing customer or vendor list
Added Inventory Site and Serial/Lot Number support to Invoice Link Sales Order import type
Fix Bank Statement import where non existing class was not being added
Fix Advanced Option Journal Entry Offset not setting on load
Fix Item Fixed Asset. Setting a Sales Description without a Sales Date was causing XML parser error. Now Sales Description is ignored unless a Sales Date is provided.
Fix /USE_AMOUNT. Cost is now recalculated before saving sales transaction line.
Version 5.010     12/6/2012
Handled QB 2013 bug “customer is duplicated” when setting Do not add new customers or using customer xref
Added Receive Payment Discount Class field (QuickBooks 2012 or later)
Version 5.009     12/1/2012
Fix When specifying a bill with a group item, TPI was returning the following error: The field "Desc" is not supported by this implementation.
Fix BillPayment - specifying a Discount account of type COGS was causing a message indicating an invalid account type. This has been fixed.
Fix Price Levels change level per item to double data to prevent rounding
Fix preferred vendor not updating on item list when item type was inventory
Bank Statements - Added Class field
Bills - change logic to look at both the vendor name and the refnumber when determining when to start new bills
Item Receipt - Add expense fields
Journal Entry - Add IsAdjustment field for QuickBooks 2008 and later
Vendor Credit - added support for /USE_AMOUNT command line
Sales Order - added support for /ITEMACCT command line
Ability to check/uncheck Auto Assign transaction numbers. /AUTO_ASSIGN=1 to check the box /AUTO_ASSIGN=0 to uncheck the box
New Import type - Item Sales Tax
Version 5.008     9/16/2012
Receive Payment - specifying a Discount account of type COGS was causing a message indicating an invalid account type. This has been fixed.
Added new command line parameter /EXPENSES_CUSTOMER_NO_ADD. When set TPI will not add a new customer when mapping to the Expenses Customer field on Accounts Payable transactions.
Added support for Sales Tax Item on Journal Entries for Canada 2008 or later.
Added Parent field reference for Item Assembly import
Skip duplicates was not functioning properly on Item Receipt w/Bill import type.
Added Is Tax Included field to Bank Statement import to support non US versions of QuickBooks (Amounts Incl. Tax checkbox)
Added Is Pending to Sales Receipts
Fix ability to Set Tax Code on Item List import
Modified fields.tpi to include Bank Statement Chk. No. field
Version 5.007 6/21/2012
Fix issue caused by adding Date Released field. Was setting to None and causing error when using /TIME_RATE command line.
Revisit and fix a rounding issue that was occurring on some other transactions
Item List - Fix issue where updating a non-inventory part that has sales and purchase info was causing a Object variable or with block variable not set
Added field Terms to Estimate
Item Receipts – UOM  Serial/Lot Numbers added
Inventory Adjustment - fix issue where unable to set value to zero
Added field Sales Tax Country to support UK 2012 where this field was required when creating a customer.
Check and Credit Card Charge - change logic when either RefNumber or Payee changes a new transaction is started.
Activation button now has to be clicked when attempting to activate.
Version 5.006 3/26/2012
Fix trouble connecting via ODBC to mySQL using 3.51 driver.
Employee List - Added Date Hired and Date Released fields (insert only)
Receive Payment - added support for applying a payment to a statement charge.
Item Group - Added field Print Items in Group.
Sales Order - adding a group item with a Qty of one was not displaying 1 in QuickBooks
Bank Statement - Remove Undeposited Funds from account list. QB doesn't allow using this account
Bank Statement - Accounts and Names with ascii value less than < were being added before <Add New> and causing issues.
Fix - vendor list import was not displaying error message when updating vendors. Fixed error handler to parse out notes bug in sdk.
Fix - UK 2012 R6/R7 - handle bug when starting TPI (invalid procedure call or argument) followed by error retrieving accounts. Caused by unhandled new account type suspense.
Version 5.005 2/6/2012
Fixed rounding issue that was occurring on some transactions
Changed Exchange Rate to support 6 decimal precision.
When importing credit card charges and credits and creating a new item, the cost instead of the price is populated.
Added ability for users with internet proxy servers to activate the software
Added support for specifying serial and lot numbers (Enterprise 12 required)
Version 5.004 12/23/2011
Removed unsupported service date field on estimates
Added Other1_Header and Other2_Header to Purchase Orders
Added Adj Value field to inventory adjustments to support SDK 10+
Fix do not add new accounts to also include account numbers
Add skip and replace options feature to /RECPAY2
Fix issue with item assembly import validation error with UOM enabled
Version 5.003 11/15/2011
Fixed issue where a bill item was defaulting to the item price when zero was specified.
Fixed issue where an inventory adjustment item was defaulting to the item price when zero was specified.
Fixed issue where in some cases price was not rounding up when using the -USE_AMOUNT command line.
Fixed issue where custom fields were not saving to purchase order.
Added Template Name field to Purchase Order.
Version 5.002 10/13/2011
Corrected issue with Enterprise 12 creating/editing vendors (the customers object was saved
successfully, but its corresponding notes record could not be saved) when the option "Do not
update addresses" is unchecked.
Version 5.001 10/10/2011
Added Site to Inventory Adjustment
Log file not displaying when auto-increment option checked
Alias feature not bringing in Expenses Account field
Changed Fields.tpi for Bank Statement.Payee from 999 to 31.
Added cross reference feature to Customer List and Vendor List imports
Version 5.000 9/15/2011
Initial Release

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