Upgrading to TPI 5.0 - Best Practices

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We recently released Transaction Pro Importer 5.0 ("TPI 5") so we thought we would share some best practices and answer some common questions.

Do I need to install Transaction Pro Importer 5.0 on the same machine as my existing Transaction Pro Importer License?
You can install the new license or upgrade on any machine.  TPI 5 does not need to be installed on the same machine that the previous version was installed.

How do I apply/move my existing mapping and settings to Transaction Pro Importer 5.0?
There are a few easy steps that you need to follows:
  1. Options selected:  Open up your older version of Transaction Pro Importer and select the options screen.  Make notations of which options that you have selected.  You will need to select these same options after installing TPI 5.
  2. Map Files:  Any maps that you created with the older version of Transaction Pro Importer will have a .dat extension on them.  If you do not remember where these map files were saved open up the older version of Transaction Pro Importer and advance to the mapping screen.  You will see where the map file is saved at the top of the Transaction Pro Importer mapping screen in red.  When you get to the TPI 5 mapping screen you will select the load map button and navigate to where you saved these map files. Please note that if you a version prior to TPI 4.0 the maps may not convert.  If you have any difficulties with converting older files email support at baystateconsulting.com. 

  3. Advanced Command Line Parameters:  If you used any command line parameters you will need to set them up in TPI 5 (note replace the - with a /).  You can view what command line parameters that you have set up by right mouse clicking on the older Transaction Pro Importer shortcut and selecting properties and looking to see if anything was added in the target box after .exe".  You can read more about command line parameters here.
  4. Editing fields.tpi:  If you made any changes to the fields.tpi file you will also need to make these changes in TPI 5.  You can read more on this in the help file document,"Modifying Field Lengths."
What new features have been added to this version?
You can read more about the new features here.

What if I need additional help in getting Transaction Pro Importer 5 set up?
You should first take advantage of these great resources:
  1. This support forum especially the FAQ section.
  2. Transaction Pro Blog for detailed articles on each import type.
If you are still having difficulties and are within the first 30 days after product registration you can email your questions to support at baystateconsulting.com

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