Free Demo Questions: Transaction Pro Importer 7.0

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We often get questions about how our free demo of Transaction Pro Importer 7.0 so we are going to answer the most common questions below.

How do I obtain the free demo?
Go to our website and provide us with your email address and click the submit button and we will send you an email with the link to the free demo.
What are the limitations of the free demo?
There is no time or transaction limit with the free demo.  You can import your actual import files into any QuickBooks company file.  While you are in the demo mode Transaction Pro will change the transaction date to a random date and you will be notified pre-import of this date so that you can easily find these transactions.  If you are importing lists Transaction Pro will append the item name with the characters _TPI7.
How to create a copy of your QuickBooks company file?
If you do not wish to import data into your live QuickBooks company file you can easily create a copy of the company by following these steps.
Where do I purchase the software?
You can purchase Transaction Pro Importer 7.0 here.
What happens after I purchase - do I need to reinstall the software upon purchase?
Once you purchase you will be provided with an email with registration instructions where you will receive a login and password that will be used to unlock the demo to the full version?

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