Common Error Messages: Intuit App Center - Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks Online

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When importing data into QuickBooks Online if you receive any error messages please review the list of the most common error messages below for a description of the error and the resolution.

If you error is not listed below and/or you cannot resolve the error please be sure to check the checkbox next to Enable Troubleshooting log and then cut and paste the resulting text into an email to

Error in ReadTextFile Input array is longer than the number of columns in this table. Review this article.

Error validating Customer ID:Invalid Integer.  Review this article.

Error validating Detail Line x, Account ID Field:Required field not specified (on Journal Entry imports). The account in your import file needs to be in the proper format and needs to exist in your QuickBooks Online company file.  Review this article for more information on how to properly format your accounts in your import file.

Error validating Detail Lines:At least one detail line is required.  Review this article.

Error Validating Employee or Vendor.  Review this article.

Error validating Invalid double::  Review this article.

Error validating sales term ID:required field not specified.  Review this article.

Matching Acct# Missing! Error.  Review this article.
Required parameter line is missing in this request.  Review this article.

When you use Accounts Receivable, you must choose a customer in the Name field.  Review this article.

You must fill out at least two detail lines. Review this article.

You must select a product/service or an account for each split line with either an amount or a billable customer.  Review this article.

You must specify a different number.  This number has already been used.  A transaction already exist in your QuickBooks Online company file that is using this number.

You must specify a transaction amount that is 0 or greater. Please review this article.

The sum of split amounts must be equal to zero.  Please review this article.

We're sorry. This feature is not included in your QuickBooks Online subscription.  Please review this article.

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