Intuit App Center: How come I the transaction number is blank in QuickBooks Online when I select the option to let QuickBooks auto-assign numbers

QuickBooks Online > Intuit App Center - Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks Online
If you select any of the options within Transaction Pro Importer to let QuickBooks auto-assign transaction numbers and you do not see the transaction if fillled in please review/try the following:
  1. If you want to let QuickBooks auto-assign transaction ids you cannot use custom numbering in QBO.  To turn this off go to QuickBooks Online preerences and look for the Sales Form Entry and uncheck the box next to Custom Transaction Numbers.
  2. If this is unchecked you may need to re-establish the seed number by manually creating a transaction in QuickBooks Online and save it.  You can void the transaction in QBO after you have done this.
  3. For Journal Entry imports there is a known bug in the Intuit App Center that has been reported to Intuit.  Until this bug is fixed you cannot use the auto assign feature for Journal Entry Imports.

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