Inventory Adjustment Imports to QuickBooks: Tips and Tricks

QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) > Transaction Pro Importer
Below are some common issues that users run into when creating their inventory adjustment import file.  You should review your import file prior to importing to identify any changes that need to be made pre- import.
  1. Your items need to exist in QuickBooks pre-import.  If you are using sub items be sure to include both the item and the sub item separated by a colon (Item:subitem).
  2. If you are updating both quantities and values be sure to do two different imports one to import the quantities and one to update the values.  You can use the same import file but just create different maps for the two different import types.
  3. If you are using sites (available in Advanced Inventory in QuickBooks Enterprise), QuickBooks only allows one site per inventory adjustment so be sure to utilize different inventory adjustment transactions for each site.

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