Powerful Cross Reference Features Available on Customer, Vendors, Employees, Items and Accounts on Transactional Imports into QuickBooks

QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) > Transaction Pro Importer
Often times the names or items are stored in your other database or shopping carts do not match up with the names or items that you have already set up in QuickBooks.  In order to properly associates your transactions with the proper names in QuickBooks, Transaction Pro Importer has a cross reference features for the following fields:
  • Customer Name (via QuickBooks account no. field)
  • Vendor Name (via QuickBooks account no. field)
  • Employee Name (via QuickBooks field account no. field)
  • Item (via a QuickBooks custom field)
  • Account (via QuickBooks description field)
Some common examples of these options are used are as follows:
  • Customer Names not matching QuickBooks:  Often times returning customer mistype or provide a different name format in your online store (one time they provide their name as Karen Smith and then next time they buy they provide a middle initial in their name or Karen L Smith).  If you imported these transactions into QuickBooks as is you would end up with two separate customer.  If your online shopping cart also stores customer numbers you can import by the customer number thus an exact match.  You can easily store these in QuickBooks in the Account No. field on the Payment Info tab on the customer card.
  • Item Names not matching QuickBooks:  Many online sites are often set up with items that do not match QuickBooks.  Often times this is the result of the QuickBooks user wanting to provide a more descriptive name in the item name/number field when perhaps the website was set us with a SKU or part number.
  • Accounts not matching QuickBooks:  Perhaps you are importing data from another QuickBooks company file of from another accounting system that uses different accounts than the QuickBooks company file.  Just store the account from the import file in the account description field an Transaction Pro will do the matching for you.
We have provided step by step instructions on how to enable and use these powerful features on our blog.

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