Saved Map does not match one of more fields from the current import file

QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) > Transaction Pro Importer
When selecting next on the file contents screen within Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks if you receive the message below:

"Saved map does not match one or more fields from the current import file. Cannot load saved map. Please try loading the same file format used when creating the mapping or click the Load Map button to load a map for this file."

If this is your first time selecting this import type:
You are receiving this message because when you install the software we also provide you with sample import files and maps.  Transaction Pro Importer by default tries to load the last map used for that import type.  We have programmed into the product that the last map used was the sample map for the import type that you selected.  If the file header (the first row) in the file that you are trying to import does not match the sample import file you will receive this error.    All you need to do is select OK and then create your own map to use with your own import file.  You can read more on how to do the mapping at

This is a recurring import and you are receiving this error message:
You are receiving this error message because the file headers in your import file are different than the last import file that you used.  You should check the following:
  1. Make sure you have selected the correct import type on the first screen of Transaction Pro Importer
  2. If this not an Excel file make sure that on the first screen of Transaction Pro Importer in the middle that you select the correct delimiter (comma, pipe or tab) in the dropdown
  3. On the second screen in Transaction Pro Importer, File Contents, check to make sure that you have checked or unchecked the box next to file contains field names in first row.
  4. Perhaps you do not have the correct map selected.  Select the load map button on the bottom of the Transaction Pro Importer mapping screen and navigate to where your map file is located

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