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Transaction Pro Application Suddenly Showing as Not Activated


Transaction Pro Importer, Transaction Pro Exporter, or Transaction Pro Deleter is suddenly showing as not being activated even though it was previously activated.


For some reason, the Transaction Pro application believes it is being launched on a new machine, which is why the product is no longer activated. To resolve this issue, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Activate button.
  2. Then select the Activation button.
  3. Cut and paste in your login and password from the purchasing email and DO NOT HIT ANY KEYS .
  4. Immediately select the Computers tab and select the Get Active Computer List button.
  5. Select the computer to Deactivate and click the Deactivate Computer button.
  6. Select the Activation tab and click Activate. The old computer will be deactivated and the new one is now activated.

If unable to Deactivate the computer, please email so that TPro Support may deactivate it manually in our system.

NOTE: If you are on Version 5.0 of Transaction Pro Importer or Exporter after 12/31/2018, you will be unable to reactivate the product because it has been decommissioned. You will need to upgrade to version 7.0 to continue using Transaction Pro Importer or Exporter.

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  • 07-Jul-2019