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Add User Defined Fields to Transaction Pro Exporter
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Can additional User Defined Fields (UDFs) be added to an export with Transaction Pro Exporter for QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT)?




Often times when exporting a file to send to another party, additional data columns will be needed for static value such as to add a company identifier or other information that does not exist in the QBDT.

UDFs can be added to the Exporter mapping by adding the Command Line /USER_FIELDS=x (where x equals the number of UDFs that are needed). From one to one hundred UDFs can be added to an export file.


To add the Command Line:


  • Right click on the Exporter shortcut and select PROPERTIES
  • Go to the SHORTCUT tab
  • At the end of the TARGET address, leave a space, and enter /USER_FIELDS=x
  • Click APPLY
  • Click OK
  • Launch Exporter from the shortcut


NOTE: The Command Line will only need to be added the first time the Export is performed. It will be saved for all future exports.



Once the export data has been retrieved, click on the SELECT FIELDS button. The UDFs will appear at the bottom of the QB Field Name List on the Export File Options window.


Read about this as well as other Command Lines in this KNOWLEDGE BASE ARTICLE.

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