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Remove Lines from Import File before Importing

How can lines be removed from the import file from within Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT)?
Sometimes, the import file may contain additional lines that are not to be imported or when testing, only a line or two is desired to test. The additional lines can be deleted from the import from within Importer without actually deleting the data from the import file.
On the second window of Importer, the FILE CONTENTS screen, select the rows that are not to be imported by clicking on the row and then clicking the DELETE SELECTED ROWS button in the lower right-hand corner for the window.

In the example below, Ajax Lumber is selected (Record #3). Once the record is selected, the DELETE SELECTED ROWS button is clicked. 

Afterwards, Ajax Lumber has been removed from the import file and will not be imported. However, the original file remains intact with no records deleted.

If the wrong record is deleted, the FILE CONTENTS screen can be refreshed by clicking BACK and returning to the first window of Importer and then clicking NEXT to return to the FILE CONTENTS window.

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  • 08-Sep-2019