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Import Classes on QuickBooks Desktop Transaction
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Can Classes be imported into QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) with Transaction Pro Importer on a transaction?




If the option to use Classes has been selected in QBDT Company Preferences under Accounting, then the Class field will be available in Importer to include on imported transactions. 


In QBDT, a transaction can have two different Class fields available:


  1. Header Class: This is the Class located at the top of a transaction on a QBDT transaction window. Once this field is populated, the Class will be used for every detail line of the transaction. There can only be one Header Class per transaction.

  2. Line Class: This is the Class located on every detail line of the transaction and allows a different Class to be entered for each detail line.



In Importer, the two Class fields are separate QB Fields to be mapped on the Mapping Window. The Header Class will always be listed as Class, while the QB Field for the Line Class can be listed as Expenses Class, Items Class, or Item Line Class, depending on the type of transaction being imported. Note that not all transactions will have the option for both a Header Class or Line Class.





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