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Transfer Inventory Quantities to New QuickBooks Company File


How can Inventory Item quantities be transferred to a new QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) company file using Transaction Pro products?


Please follow the steps below to transfer current Inventory Item quantities to a new QBDT company file.

  1. Use Transaction Pro Exporter to export the entire Item list

  2. Open file in Excel and sort the file by the Item Type column

  3. Delete all rows that have a type other than Inventory and save the file

  4. Open Transaction Pro Importer and browse for the updated Item list file

  5. Select INVENTORY ADJUSTMENT as the Import type

  6. Create a mapping similar to the one below

    • If the Inventory Adjustment is to be one single transaction in QBDT, then any number can be entered as a default value for the REFNUMBER field

    • If the Inventory Adjustment should be a single transaction for each Inventory Item, then map the LIST ID column to the REFNUMBER field

    • ACCOUNT should be the General Ledger Account from the Chart of Accounts that corresponds to the Inventory Asset

    • TRANSACTION DATE will be the date of the adjustment is to post in QBDT

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  • 09-Sep-2019