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Transactions Must Have At Least One Line Item - Make Sure an Account or Item is Specified on At Least One Transaction Line


"Transactions must have at least one line item - Make sure an account or item is specified on at least one transaction line"


For the transaction types listed below, QuickBooks gives the option of using either Expense Accounts or Items on the transaction.

  • Bills
  • Checks
  • Credit Card Charges
  • Credit Card Credits
  • Vendor Credits

There are some fields that become required depending on whether an Expense Account or Item is being imported.

If an Expense Account is being imported, the following two fields are required: Expenses Account and Expenses Amount.

If an Item is being imported, the following two fields are required: Items Item and Items Cost (if a price as not been specified on the Item in QB company file).

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  • 07-Jul-2019