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Import Invoices into QuickBooks Online
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Some of the most common uses for an Invoice import are listed below:


  • Importing Invoice transactions from another industry specific invoicing application.
  • Importing Invoice transactions from a Point of Sales (POS) system.
  • Importing monthly or daily activity from another accounting system.

Below are some Tips and Tricks when creating the file to import Invoices into QuickBooks Online and the Importer mapping:


  • Each line of the same Invoice should have the same value on every line for the Reference Number and map that column to the QuickBooks Online field REFNUMBER on the Importer mapping screen to allow Importer to know to group the lines together on one Invoice.
  • If using Jobs under Customers or Sub-Items, be sure to include the entire Parent and Child from the list and separate the levels with a colon with no space before and after the colon (ie. Customer:Job or Item:Sub-Item).
  • Custom fields, if turned on in QuickBooks Online  Preferences, will be displayed at the bottom of the Importer mapping screen.

Below is a screen shot of an actual Invoice entry screen from QuickBooks Online with the Importer field names noted.


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