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Import Bill Payments into QuickBooks Online


What are some helpful tips to know when importing Bills into QuickBooks Online (QBO) with Transaction Pro Importer?


Below are some helpful tips to keep in mind regarding the most common issues that occur when importing Bill Payments into QBO with Importer.

  • The following fields are required (at minimum) when importing a Bill Payment.
    • RefNumber
    • Vendor
    • Bank or CC Account (the GL Account name or number)
    • BillApplyTo (bill must already exist in QBO)
    • LineAmount (amount to be paid on bill)
  • Each line of the same Bill Payment should have the same Reference Number on every line with that column mapped to the QBO field REFNUMBER on the Importer mapping screen.
  • Importer supports both Account Numbers and Account Names. However, only include either the lowest Sub-Account Number or the entire Account Name in the import file, not both.
  • If using Account Numbers, on the Preview screen of Importer, click OPTIONS and select the option ENABLE ACCOUNT NUMBERS ON TRANSACTIONS.
  • The Line Amount can be positive or negative. However, the net of all Line Amounts on a single Bill Payment must be greater than zero.
  • The Line Amount applied to each separate Bill cannot be greater than the balance due remaining on that Bill.

The below screenshot shows the entry screen for Bills Payments in QBO with the location indicated into which each Transaction Pro Importer field will import.

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  • 23-Aug-2020