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Import Journal Entries into QuickBooks Online
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What are some common uses for a Journal Entry import into QuickBooks Online with Transaction Pro Importer?




Some of the most common uses for a Deposit import are listed below:

  • Importing Payroll Data after each payroll
  • Importing Daily Sales from a Point of Sale (POS) System
  • Importing monthly or daily Activity from another accounting system
  • After the fact Job Costing for Payroll Costs, which QuickBooks Online does not currently support.




What are some helpful tips to know when importing Journal Entries into QuickBooks Online with Transaction Pro Importer?




Below are some helpful tips to keep in mind regarding the most common issues that occur when importing Journal Entries into QuickBooks Online with Importer.


  • When importing a Journal Entry, the following fields are required (at minimum).
    • RefNumber
    • Account (General Ledger Account Name or Number)
    • Amount


  • Each line of the same Journal Entry should have the same value on every line for the Reference Number to allow Importer to know that the lines belong together on the same Journal Entry.


  • The import file should be sorted by the Reference Number column so that all lines for an entry are grouped together.


  • Importer supports both Account Numbers and Account Names. However, only include either the lowest Sub-Account Number or the entire Account Name in the import file, not both.


  • If using Account Numbers, on the Preview screen of Importer, click OPTIONS and select the option ENABLE ACCOUNT NUMBERS ON TRANSACTIONS.


  • If the Account to which is being posted is an Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable type, QuickBooks Online requires an Entity (Customer, Employee or Vendor) to also be imported for that detail line.


  • Positive numbers are imported as Debits, and negative numbers are imported as Credits.


  • Debits and credits must balance for each individual Journal Entry.


  • All Accounts, Entities, Locations, and Classes must exist in QuickBooks Online prior to importing a Journal Entry.


  • For the IsAdjustment field, a value of 1, t, true, y, or yes will check the box; a value of 0, f, false, n, or no will clear the box. If nothing is imported, the box will default to not checked.


The below screenshot shows the entry screen for a Journal Entry in QuickBooks Online with the location indicated into which each Transaction Pro Importer field will import.


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