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Error 9996001 – Get Computer Key


"Error: 9996001 – Get computer key: object reference not set to an instance of an object"


The issue is the result of the computer on which Transaction Pro is installed not being serialized.

Please make sure the required system files can be accessed so that the application can safely identify the machine.

Run the following PowerShell scripts:

  • Get-WmiObject -Query "Select processorId from Win32_Processor"
  • Get-WmiObject -Query "Select SerialNumber from Win32_BaseBoard"

Verify the first script returns a value for processorID, and the second script returns a value for SerialNumber

If either script above returns an empty string, please work with your IT department to ensure those values are in the correct files for the system. When spinning up a Virtual Machine, these can be set by default.

If either script above gives an access error, ensure the system files can be accessed by the application.

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  • 13-Aug-2021