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Using Transaction Pro Deleter for QuickBooks Online
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How are list or transactions deleted using Transaction Pro Deleter for QuickBooks Online?




To delete using Transaction Pro Deleter for QuickBooks Online:


Log into the Transaction Pro website and click the DELETE icon.



1. On the DATA FILTERS tab, select the list or transaction to delete.

2. Select the the data range, either by Transaction Date, Date Created, or Date Last Updated.

3. Click PREVIEW to see the data that fits the selection criteria.



4. On the DATA PREVIEW tab, select the data to be deleted.

5. Click the DELETE DATA button in the lower right-hand corner.



6. Confirm deletion by typing DELETE when prompted.

7. Click the DELETE button to complete the process.



Once the deletion is completed, a Deletion Log will be presented to specify if the records were deleted successfully or if not, the reason why not. 



NOTE: As QuickBooks Online does not currently allow list items such as Accounts, Customer, Vendors, etc to be deleted, selecting these items with Transaction Pro Deleter will not delete them from the QuickBooks Online company but instead change the list item's status to INACTIVE.


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