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Import Refund Receipts into QuickBooks Online
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How can a Refund Receipt be imported into QuickBooks Online using Transaction Pro Importer?




Refund Receipts can be imported into QuickBooks Online using Importer. A Refund Receipt is a posting transaction that is used when reimbursing a customer's money.


Some important formatting considerations to remember when preparing the import file for a Refund Receipt:


  1. The amount should be a positive number.
  2. For the DepositToAccount, make sure that the import file contains the full Account Name (if using names) or only includes the lowest Sub-Account Number (if using numbers). If using numbers, the option ENABLE ACCOUNT NUMBERS must be selected in Importer.
  3. Required fields are RefNumber, Customer, and DepositToAccount. Other fields may become required depending on the specific import.

Access Transaction Pro's Data Dictionary for QuickBooks Online imports HERE. The Data Dictionary lists all the available and required fields for the import.

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