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Update QuickBooks Desktop List with Transaction Pro
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How can existing lists in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) be updated using Transaction Pro?




Existing lists can be updated using Transaction Pro Importer and Transaction Pro Exporter. Exporter can be used to export the current data into Excel to make the necessary updates and then Importer used to re-import the updated list.


Below are the QBDT lists that can be updated using Importer and Exporter. Please note that not all fields can be updated at this time.


  • Customer List
  • Employee List
  • Item List
  • Price Level List
  • Vendor List

When making updates to list files, the import file needs to include columns for the List Item Name and the fields that needs to be updated as well as any other required fields that are in red on the Importer mapping screen.


Here is an overview of the most common list updates:


Active/Inactive Status: On all the list imports, there is a field called IS ACTIVE. The import file will need to contain a column for this field with the value being either Y for active or N for inactive. If all list items need to be set as active or inactive, then the value can be entered into the Static Value/Formula column for the IS ACTIVE field on the Importer mapping screen. Read more about using the Static Value/Formula column in Importer HERE.


Add Data to Custom Fields: When updating or populating data for Custom Fields for list items such as Customers, Vendors, or Inventory Items, select OPTIONS on the first screen of Importer and on the ADVANCED tab, select the option ENABLE CUSTOM FIELDS DEFINED IN THE QUICKBOOKS COMPANY FILE.


Customer or Vendor Account Number: Sometimes other systems may use an account number as an identifier instead of a name. This is when the cross reference options in Importer come in handy. To use the cross reference options, the list item (Customers or Vendors) must have the Account Number field populated with the correct data. Use Importer to import and populate this data in the QBDT company file. Read more about the Cross Reference options HERE.


Update Costs and/or Price on Items or Price Levels: If there is a need to modify the costs or pricing for individual Items or Price Levels, this information can easily be updated using Importer. The Price Level assigned to a Customer may also be updated with a Customer List import.


Update Tax ID and Eligible for 1099: With a Vendor List import, this data can be updated using Importer.

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