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Import Bank Statements into QuickBooks Online


Can Bank Transactions (Deposits and Checks) be imported together into QuickBooks Online (QBO) with Transaction Pro Importer?


Both Deposits and Checks can be imported together in a single import as a Bank Statement import type into QBO with Importer.

Below are some formatting information for importing a Bank Statement with Importer.

  • When importing a Check, the following fields are required (at minimum).
    • DepositToAccount 
    • LineAmount
    • Account
  • Deposits should be expressed as positive numbers and Checks as negative numbers.
  • The General Ledger Account mapped to the DepositToAccount field is the bank account into which the Deposit is being made or the bank account from which the Check is being paid.
  • Account is the General Ledger Account for the Deposit (Income) or Check (Expense).
  • All General Ledger Accounts must exist in QBO prior to importing.
  • There is no requirement to have a value mapped to the QB field RefNumber because for Bank Statement import type, each line of the import file is treated as an individual transaction (ie. no split transactions).
  • The name mapped to the QB field Entity must exist in QBO as either a Customer, Vendor, or Employee prior to importing. Importer does not create new names with this import type.
  • If using Account Names, the import file should include the full Account Name (Parent:Child) with each level separated by a colon with no space before or after the colon (ie. Account:Sub-Account).
  • If using Account Numbers, the import should only include the lowest Sub-Account Number. In addition, if using Account Numbers, the Importer Option to ENABLE ACCOUNT NUMBERS must be selected.
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  • 26-Aug-2020