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Preparing to Import Time Tracking into QuickBooks Desktop
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Can external time information be imported into QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) with Transaction Pro Importer?




If external time-tracking systems or time clocks are used, Transaction Pro Importer can be used to import the time activity into QBDT for payroll processing.


Reference this Knowledge Base ARTICLE for the steps to import Time Tracking into QBDT with Transaction Pro Importer.


The purpose of this article is to help ensure that the QuickBooks company file is properly set up to allow for Time Tracking imports.


Step 1:  Subscribe to QuickBooks Payroll. 


Step 2:  Set up Employees with their Payroll Items and corresponding Pay Rates. Importer can either locate the Employee by their name or their employee ID. If using the name, Importer looks for a match based upon how the name is displayed in the Employee list.  For instance Karen Magno is not the same as Magno, Karen. To change the way that Employee names are displayed in the Employee list, go QuickBooks Company Preferences to the Payroll & Employee section.




If the Time Tracking application provides an export file with an employee number, populate this number in the Employee ID field on the Additional Info tab in Employee setup.



Step 3:  Make sure all employees that will have time imported has the box checked in their Employee setup under the Payroll Info tab to USE TIME DATA TO CREATE PAYCHECKS.




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