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Create a New QuickBooks Company File using Transaction Pro Importer


Can I use Transaction Pro Importer to set up a new QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) company file?


Yes, several companies have used Importer to migrate data from a different accounting application into QBDT or to start a new company file at the beginning of the year in QBDT.

Please be sure to reference our Knowledge Base article on the suggested order to import your lists and transactions HERE.

STEP 1: Import the Chart of Accounts - You can either use QBDT or TPI. If you are looking to import beginning balances, use the QBDT import tool.

STEP 2: Import these lists into QB - These lists do not contain information from other lists. Use the built-in QBDT export/import tools or create manually.

  • Customer Type List
  • Vendor Type List
  • Class List
  • Job Type List
  • Payment Terms List
  • Payment Methods List
  • Shipping Methods List
  • Customer Message List
  • To-Do Notes

STEP 3: Import these lists into QB - These lists draw information from the lists imported in Steps 1 and 2. Export/Import these lists to individual files and import them one by one:

  • Customers - QB or Importer
  • Vendors - QB or Importer
  • Employees - QB or Importer
  • Other Names - QB or Importer
  • Sales Reps - QB
  • Items - QB or Importer
  • Price Levels - QB will only import the % based Price Levels, but Importer will import both fixed and % based Price Levels
  • Budgets - QB

STEP 4: Export the Templates you need and import them into the new company files -If you need to transfer Templates from one QBDT company file to another, review this INTUIT ARTICLE.

STEP 5: Export and then import the Memorized Reports that you need in the new company file -To transfer Memorized Reports from one QBDT company file to another, review this KNOWLEDGE BASE ARTICLE.

Please note that there are additional steps that may need to be performed if you use Inventory Items. These include but are not limited to creating beginning quantities and values as well as setting up any other QB Enterprise Advanced Inventory fields.

Once the QBDT company file shell is set up, your next step is to import your transactions using Importer. You may refer to this KNOWLEDGE BASE ARTICLE for the suggested order to import transactions into your new QBDT company file.

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