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Helpful QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts

There are several QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts that are available to QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier and Enterprise) users to help speed up performing common tasks. The below are some shortcuts that may be helpful to Transaction Pro Importer users.

F2 Function Key for Windows / COMMAND + 1 for Mac: Product Information Screen

By selecting F2 key, the company information screen will appear in QBDT. Information on the screen that may be helpful to Importer users especially when troubleshooting with TPro Support Staff inclue:

  • QuickBooks Version, Year, and Release
  • Size of the QuickBooks company file
  • Number of list items (ie. Customers, Vendors, etc)

CTRL+ F for Windows / COMMAND + F for Mac: Find Window

By pressing CTRL + F on the keyboard, the FIND window will open. This can be helpful to located and review recently imported lists or transactions.  The ADVANCED button will allow access to additional search options.

CTRL + Q for Windows: Quick Report Window

By pressing CTRL + Q on the keyboard, the Quick Report will open for the list item (ie. customer, account etc.) that you have selected.  Example: Review the Undeposited Funds account for recently imported Sales Receipts. Go to Chart of Accounts in QBDT, select the Undeposited Funds account, and press CTRL + Q.

ALT + P for Windows: Go to the Previous Transaction

Returning to a previous transaction can be helpful to easily cycle through all the recent transactions imported. Pressing ALT + P will cycle through the transactions one by one in sequence.

CTRL + D for Windows / COMMAND + D for Mac: Delete a Transaction or List

Sometimes when setting up a new import, some test transactions may be imported to review to ensure the import is mapped correctly in Importer. These test transactions may be deleted by opening up the transaction and pressing CTRL + D.

A List of All QuickBooks Shortcuts

A complete listing of keyboard shortcuts for both Windows and Mac can be found HERE.

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