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Useful QuickBooks and Transaction Pro Terminology Definitions

QuickBooks Terminology:

  • QBDT or QBD – This is a short name for QuickBooks Desktop and includes Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.
  • QBE – This is a short name for QuickBooks Enterprise.
  • QBO – This is a short name for QuickBooks Online, which can be reached via any web browser.
  • QuickBooks in the Cloud – This refers to QuickBooks Desktop being hosted on a remote server or QuickBooks Online.
  • Company ID or Realm ID – For QuickBooks Online, this is the specific ID assigned by Intuit to each QuickBooks Online company. Reference THIS ARTICLE for information about locating your Company ID.
  • QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors – These are consultants that have taken courses and have passed the tests created by Intuit to certify that they are knowledgeable in the QuickBooks Product Line.

Transaction Pro Terminology:

  • Import File – This is the file that contains the transactions or lists that you wish to import into QuickBooks. It can be either a Microsoft Excel, .csv or .txt file.
  • Map – This is where you tell Transaction Pro how you want the various columns from your file to be matched to the QuickBooks fields. For QBDT, it is the .dat file that you have saved in the location of your choosing when on the mapping window of Importer. For QBO, Transaction Pro Support can see how the data has been mapped in the database if the QBO Company ID is provided.
  • RefNumber – This is very important. When importing transactions into QuickBooks, Transaction Pro Importer looks at the data that is mapped to the RefNumber field to determine where a transaction begins and ends, thus grouping detail lines together on the same transaction that should be together. 
  • Transaction Log – This is a file that is generated after import which indicates the status of each line (ie. whether it has imported correctly or not). If for some reason a transaction was not imported, this log will indicate the reason why it was not imported.
  • Static Value or Default Value – This allows you to set a value in the mapping window of Transaction Pro Importer that will be used on all lines in the import file.
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