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Import Purchase Orders into QuickBooks Online
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Below is a picture of a Purchase Order screen from QuickBooks Online to help get started. Please review the screenshot to make sure all the fields that are available are noted. The Data Dictionary may also be referenced for Purchase Orders HERE.




1. Sign in via the Transaction Pro online portal.

2. Once logged in, click on the blue Import button.



3. Click on the Purchase Orders button near the bottom-right.



4. Click on the gray Upload box. A new browser window will open.



5. Navigate to the file to import within the File Explorer. Select it by clicking on it, then click Open.

6. When the upload is complete, a green check-mark will appear over the uploaded file. Click on the green Select File & Sheet button in the bottom-right corner.




7. On the next page, if the Import file has multiple worksheets, select the sheet to import. Only one worksheet my be imported at a time.



8. Use the Auto-Match button on the left side (if the column names match the field names on the mapping window) or the drop-down options under the Import Column to match up the QB fields to the import file columns.



9. Click on the green Preview and Import button in the bottom-right once the fields have been matched.



10. The screen provides a review of the import file and how it is mapped. If everything is correct, click the green Import button in the lower-right corner.




11. Click Yes to confirm the import.



12. If the data has been uploaded successfully, a green message will appear along the top of the import screen. If there are any errors, a red or yellow message will appear. Find the cell or cells in the import file that are highlighted in yellow or red and click on the cell to receive the actual error message at the top of the screen.



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