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Import Expenses into QuickBooks Online


What is the best import type to use to import expenses into QuickBooks Online?


Often times, users will have an Excel listing of expenses to import into QuickBooks Online but are unsure as to which import type to select.

Below are the different import types to consider selecting and how they work in QuickBooks Online.


When creating a Check transaction in QuickBooks Online, the bank account balance is being reduced and an expense recorded. This transaction type is most frequently used when the payment of the expense has already occurred.

Credit Card Charges

A Credit Card Charge is used when a credit card has been used to make the expense purchase.


A Bill is used when an expense has been incurred and will be paid at a later date.

Bill Payments

Bill Payments are used to pay the existing Bill transactions in QuickBooks Online.

Journal Entries

This is the least often way used to import expenses into QuickBooks Online. The Journal Entry would have debits for the amounts paid and a credit to the bank account. There are a few drawbacks in using this import type: (1) only one date can be used on each Journal Entry, so therefore if multiple months of expenses, a Journal Entry for every month will need to be created and (2) using Journal Entries reduces the availability of reporting options available in QuickBooks Online.

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  • 09-Mar-2022