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Import Bank Transfers to QuickBooks


How are Bank Transfers imported into QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) using Transaction Pro Importer?


Bank Transfers are found in QBDT under the BANKING menu. Below is a screen shot of the Transfer Funds entry screen in QBDT. The screen shot shows the fields of a Transfer Funds transactions and how these fields correspond to the Transaction Pro Importer mapping screen.

Below is a screenshot of the Transaction Pro Importer mapping screen.  Any field that is highlighted in red is required.

Some helpful tips on formatting of a Bank Transfer import file:

  1. The RefNumber is for Importer's internal grouping purposes only, letting Importer know where a transaction begins and end. If a transaction ID is not part of the import file, any column that contains a unique value for each separate Bank Transfer can be mapped to this field. 
  2. For the Transfer from Acct and Transfer to Acct, include in the import file either the lowest Sub-Account Number (if importing Account Numbers) OR the full Account Name (if importing Account Names) with each level separated by a colon with no space before or after the colon (ie. Account:Sub-Account).
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  • 07-Jul-2019