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Bill Due Date Not Importing Correctly


When importing a Bill using Transaction Pro Importer into QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) where the Bill Due Date is specified in the import file and mapped accordingly, the Due Date is being recalculated based upon the Vendor's Terms.


This is a known issue in QBDT. QBDT recalculates the Bill Due Date when saving the Bill despite the due date being imported.

Example: Vendor's Terms are Net 30 Days per the vendor set up in QBDT. The import file does not contain the Terms. The import file has a Bill Date of 09/01/2022 and a Due Date of 09/15/2022. Despite the due date of 09/15/2022 being imported, the bill is still saved with a due date of 10/1/2022. The workaround is to include the Terms code in the import file for each Bill so that the Due Date will calculate correctly. 

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  • 07-Jul-2019