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Delete Transactions and Lists from QuickBooks using Transaction Pro Deleter
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Transaction Pro Deleter is a great tool to use to assist in cleaning up an existing QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) company file. With Deleter, the transaction type or list to be deleted along with either a date range or a reference number range can be selected.


**NOTE: It is suggested that you use the Deleter while in Single User Mode in QuickBooks.


Below is an example showing how to use Deleter to delete transactions from QBDT:


First, select the Transaction or List Type and then select the Filter range. With lists, it is generally better to Filter by REF NO; and for transactions, DATE is usually a better filter. However, either can be used. Once the selections have been made, click RETRIEVE TRANSACTIONS.



The transactions that will be deleted will appear in the selection grid. Any column may be sorted by clicking the column header - once for ascending and twice for descending order.


To remove any data that should not be deleted, highlight the appropriate data row and click DELETE ROWS. This does not deleting any data. It removes the data from the deletion selection to be deleted.



When all data has been removed that is not to be deleted, click DELETE TXNS. The data that is displayed in the selection grid when DELETE TXNS is selected is the data that will be deleted.


NOTE: Any list items with open transactions will not be deleted. Also, any transactions with another transaction linked to it will not be deleted.


Please reference this KNOWLEDGE BASE article regarding the suggested order to delete.


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