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Link Invoices to Sales Order When Importing
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How can an open Sales Order be linked to an Invoice during import?




Transaction Pro Importer can link an open Sales Order to an imported Invoice with the use of the command line /INVOICESO=1


The information below discusses this option as well as some additional steps to be taken for this function to work correctly.


Structure of the Import File


  • The import file should contain a column that contain the Sales Order number.
  • The Items on the Invoice need to appear in the same order as on the Sales Order.

Add the Command Line


Create a copy of the Importer shortcut and edit the target field following the instructions below to add the needed command line. Read more about the command line parameters HERE.


  1. Right mouse click the Importer icon and select CREATE SHORTCUT
  2. Right mouse click on the newly created shortcut and select PROPERTIES
  3. Add the following to the end of the value in the TARGET field /INVOICESO=1
  4. Be sure to leave a space before the forward slash (/)



When the new shortcut is launched, a new import type will be added INVOICE LINK SALES ORDER. Select this import type to use this feature.



On the Importer mapping screen, a new QuickBooks field will be added SO RefNumber. This is where the column that contains the Sales Order number will be mapped.



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