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Item Assembly Import – Tips and Tricks

Item Assemblies can save a lot of time in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).  Transaction Pro Importer can be used to import Item Assemblies into QBDT. The data in the import file, though, must meet the requirements of QBDT. Below are some tips for ensuring the import file contains the necessary information to allow a successful import. 

  1. The Component Items within the Item Assembly must already exist in QBDT. If these Items do not exist, Importer can be used to import these Item first.
  2. The Component Items in the Item Assembly must be one of the following Item types:  Inventory, Non-inventory, Service, Other Charge or another Item Assembly.
  3. Item Assembly cannot be created that has the same name as another Item or Item Assembly.
  4. The minimum required fields for an Item Assembly import are Assembly Item Name, Income Account, COGS Account, and Asset Account

Below is an example of an Item Assembly import file.

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  • 07-Jul-2019