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Connect Transaction Pro to QuickBooks Desktop


How is a Transaction Pro product connected to QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT)?


Before launching Transaction Pro (Importer, Exporter, or Deleter) for the first time, open the QBDT company file to which the Transaction Pro product is to be connected.

For the initial connection, the user must be signed in as the ADMIN user and be in Single User Mode.

Only one QBDT company file can be open at a time when using Transaction Pro. 

Wait for QBDT to completely open before launching Transaction Pro. Once QBDT is completely open, launch the Transaction Pro product. 

  • An Application Certificate will appear to verify the connection between Transaction Pro and QBDT. It is suggested to select the third option YES, WHENEVER THIS QUICKBOOKS COMPANY FILE IS OPEN.
  • Also, if personal data such as Social Security Numbers or credit card information will be imported or exported, select the option at the bottom to allow Transaction Pro access to this information. (This option may be updated at a later time, if necessary).

  • NOTE: If the import or export will be automated, the fourth option should be selected - YES, ALWAYS; ALLOW ACCESS EVEN IF QUICKBOOKS IS NOT RUNNING. For more information about automating imports or exports, check out the Knowledge Base articles about IMPORT COMMAND LINES or EXPORT COMMAND LINES.
  • Click CONTINUE.
  • The next window allows you to confirm Transaction Pro's access to the QB company file.
  • Click DONE.

The Transaction Pro product is now connected to the QBDT company file and ready for use.

If Transaction Pro will be used with multiple QBDT company files, then this process will need to be repeated for each company file for the initial connection to each.

Once the initial connection has been completed, users of Transaction Pro are not required to have Administrative rights. However, Transaction Pro users must have read/write access to the Chart of Account in QB as well as to any section in QBDT into which the user will be importing or any section out of which the user will be exporting.

If after performing the steps above, QBDT and Transaction Pro are having issues connecting, please reference the knowledge base article TROUBLE CONNECTING TO THE QUICKBOOKS FILE.

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  • 07-Jul-2019