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Order to Delete Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop
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When deleting transactions with Transaction Pro Deleter, what is the order that transactions should be deleted?




When deleting transactions with Deleter, the related transaction must first be deleted. For example, QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) will not allow an Invoice to be deleted until the related Receive Payment is first deleted.


Below is the recommended deletion order for transactions:


Sales & Accounts Receivable
Receive Payments
Sales Orders
Credit Memos
Sales Receipts


Purchases and Accounts Payable
Bill Payments
Item Receipts
Vendor Credits
Credit Card Charges
Credit Card Credits
Purchase Orders


Other Transactions
Journal Entries
Bank Transfers


Lists can be deleted at any time. QBDT will not remove a list item (Customer, Vendor, etc) if it has any related transactions.

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