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Could Not Find Matching Invoice to Apply Payment
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When importing Receive Payments, Transaction Pro Importer failed to find a matching Invoice in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) file even though the record does exist.


Error message "Could Not Find Matching Invoice to Apply Payment" displays on the Transaction Log.




First, make sure the Invoice is still in an Open status in QBDT as well as the remaining balance is equal or more the payment amount being imported.


If the above has been verified, please be aware that there is a bug in the QuickBooks Software Development Kit (QBSDK) in relation to these type of transactions. If the Invoice Reference Number exceeds the limits of an integer data type (2147483647), then Importer will be unable to import the transaction. Basically, QBDT will not return query results on any number that exceeds the limits of an integer (2147483647).


Three options exist:


  1. Shorten the Invoice Reference Number
  2. Precede the Invoice Reference Number with a letter so that QBDT will treat the data as text 
  3. Use the command line code /RECINTEGER to search first by the Customer Name and then by the Invoice Number (read more about command line codes for Importer HERE)
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