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Cannot Connect to Your Data Source. Class not registered.
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Cannot connect to your data source. Check your database type selection and try again. The following message was returned: Class not registered.



Line: 0 Class not registered





  • Click OK. Does Transaction Pro allow the previously attached file to be removed or a new file selected to attach? If so, then the error means that it cannot locate the file that was previously used to import.


  • If the above does not resolve the issue, try attaching a .csv or .txt file. Does the same error occur? Does the error only occur when attaching an Excel file? If so, then follow the resolution in this Knowledge Base Article: Microsoft Access Database Engine is Required


  • If neither of the resolutions above resolve the issue, try completely uninstalling and reinstalling Transaction Pro following the steps below:
    • Uninstall Transaction Pro
    • Reboot your computer
    • Reinstall Transaction Pro
    • Reboot your computer
    • Launch QuickBooks
    • Launch Transaction Pro
    • Activate Transaction Pro 


  • For Version 8 users: If none of the above resolutions work, please register the following dll file, following the instructions in this ARTICLE.
    • File Name to Register:   coreobjx64launcherv8.dll
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